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I took inspiration from contemporary lighting, housewares and synth pop music. I chose forms that are expressive and sensual but also simplified and controlled. 

physical prototyping

1/4 scale model

I 3D printed a mock-up of the seat and bent a steel beam for the legs using an acetylene torch and a mallet. I was still considering making the legs out of bent steel beams, but I decided on rods in order to make production more affordable.

full-scale drawings

I printed out full-scale orthographic drawings and traced a 95th percentile male outline on the side view to check if the back rest was high enough. I shortened the seat after realizing that the chair would either need to be bigger or smaller to support the feet properly.

ergonomic testing

After testing the sittable model,  I found that the seat position was too far reclined, so I moved the backrest angle forward to allow for a more upright position.


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