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Urban living space

is increasingly in demand, and kitchens aren't getting bigger.

What is the biggest problem with your kitchen?

“It is cramped with little counter space and what we do have is covered by an appliance.”
“Needs more counter surfaces within reach. Needs more non-food prep surfaces for cat to sit on.”
“It’s a small space with little counter-top area.”
“There’s a lack of space around the sink, which can make both food prep and clean up an issue.”
“I wish there was more counter space. ”

Lack of counter space is the most common complaint people have about their kitchen.

The Kierstad kitchen is designed to maximize space through flexible workspaces and wall-mounted features.

above-counter fridge

Mounting the refrigerator at cabinet height frees up counter space and makes it easy to see and access groceries.

Grocery and recipe app

The app automatically adds ingredients from selected recipes to your grocery list and syncs between tablets, desktops and phones. 

Digital recipe stand

The recipe stand can hold tablets or smartphones and is mounted over the food prep area under the fridge to allow for convenient grocery list management and cooking without cluttering up the counter.

efficient food prep

The cutting board is built into the counter adjacent to the trash and compost allowing the user to sweep food scraps directly into the bins.

considered furnishings

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